The 2011 World Championships being held in Daegu, South Korea saw participation from top athletes across the world. It began on 27th August and is set to close on 4th September. One of the most followed sports at the event is women’s long jump, and a much-recognized young face in this category is that of Darya Klishina. The 20-year old Russian long jumper is known for her athleticism as well as beauty. With a 7.03m junior record in Russia just one of her string of achievements, Klishina is hailed as the next best thing in women’s long jump. However, her performance at the World Championship was disappointing to say the least; she finished in seventh place with a 6.50m jump.

World Championships Results

Klishina is part of the 83-strong Russian team representing Russia at Daegu, and it was widely believed that she had it in her to clinch the gold this time. However, she faltered and was surpassed by Russian compatriot Olga Kucherenko, who finished in second place to win the silver for her 6.77 m effort. The gold medal was won by 24-year old American long jumper Brittney Reese; she was defending her title going into this year’s event. Reese managed 6.82 m, leaving competitors in the dust, though she was unable to match or surpass a season’s best performance of 7.19m. Klishina, however, fell short by registering a 6.50m jump, and finds herself behind USA’s Janay DeLoach. The bronze medal was won by Latvia’s Ineta Radevica, who managed a 6.76 jump.

Klishina has Many More Years in the Sport

While Klishina failed to live up to expectations at the Championships, she can make it up in the next event, as the jumper is only twenty years old and has many years in the professional circuit. She already has titles under her belt, including the U-23 European Championships and European Indoor Championships, both of which she won this year. Her personal best record is 7.05m, which she registered at the U-23 event. While this is overshadowed by the 7.52m world record set by another Russian, Galina Chistyakova, it was good enough to make Klishina the second best in the world currently. At the moment, her biggest competitor is Reese, who has beaten the Russian’s figures in their last two meetings at Monaco and Lausanne this year. However, Reese is the more experienced jumper of the two, and is acknowledged more for her raw talent than a honed technique.

Klishina’s Long Jump Style

Klishina is known for her technical finesse in sprinting and jumping, which is remarkable given her tender years. She has become a popular figure for her ability to balance her carrier with the media attention she attracts owing to her good looks. Many have compared her to Anna Kournikova as far as the media blitz is concerned, though Klishina maintains that she is a typical young girl. Her focus is now on London 2012, and if anything, this recent set-back should drive her to train harder and make her country proud.

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