Darya Klishina Talks about her Plans for the Future

Darya Klishina, the Russian long jumper who set a new Russian junior record with her 7.03m jump, is perhaps the most beautiful addition to the list of Red Bull sponsored athletes. This young sportswoman spoke about her aspirations and dreams in a one on one that is posted on the Red Bull site. The 20 year old came across as someone who has her head firmly on her shoulders.

According to Darya, a long jumper needs to be self reliant and be passionate about reaching for the stars if he or she wants to achieve success. A strong character is a great asset to every sportsperson like her, she believes. Great capacity for hard work and a never say die attitude are the only things that can take you to new heights, the athlete says.

According to Darya, the ability to be in sync with one’s coach and to be able to follow his lead perfectly is critical to making sure that your training regimen yields the results that you seek. Another important talent for a successful sportsperson is to be quick on the uptake. It is this ability and willingness to follow her coach’s every instruction that has probably taken Darya to the top of the league today in her chosen field.

Darya Klishina achieved star status when, in June 2010, she leapt an incredible 7.03 meters in a long jump event in Russia. She was participating in the Znamensky Brothers event there. Darya gives credit to her parents for giving her complete freedom to decide her future. At a point in her life when she was still uncertain about choosing between volleyball or track, this is what made the difference. She was noticed by an athletics coach at a city relay who encouraged her to increase her focus on track events. This was the first step in her successful sports career. The fact that her parents were both keenly interested in fitness undoubtedly played a role in helping her understand her true calling. Both of Darya’s parents were actually involved in track and field athletics for a short stint and her father still plays amateur volleyball.

At present this young athlete is busy gearing up for the many crucial events that she will be performing at this year and the next. But her long term goal is to remain injury free so that she can make it to the biggest of them all- the London Olympics in 2012. Darya hopes to repeat her success at this landmark event. This will earn her a place in athletic history for posterity. Clearly, the athlete is not taking any chances with her participation or preparation for this mega event. Her punishing training schedule continues so that she can keep in top condition for the Olympics.

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