Darya Klishina’s Secrets to Success – A Calm Demeanor and an Understanding Coach

Young Darya Klishina has been taking sure strides in making her mark in long jump at international events. Twice this year, she has met with successes at such events. The first was in the European Athletics Indoor Championship 2011, in which she marked an impressive 6.80 meters.

Her next achievement was in the SPAR European Team Championship held in June 2011. She landed 6.74 meters at the long jump event in this championship. Her victory in the event laid the foundation for Russia’s strong presence on the second day of the championship. Having started her career in long jump at the age of 13, Darya Klishina has made sure that she does all she can, to secure the top position in all the events she competes in.

Born in Tver, Darya Klishina moved to Moscow six years ago, so she could focus on her career in long jump. One of the secrets to her success has been her ability to reign in on her emotions. Irrespective of whether she wins or loses, Darya Klishina tries to ensure that she is calm. Neither her successes, nor her failures get to her, as she does not allow either to linger in her mind.

The young star tries to be as disengaged from competitors and the unnecessary pressure of competing, as possible. This allows her to concentrate on the task at hand. A key factor that has allowed her to stay away from the controversies and challenges that accompany competitions is that others consider her to be new. As a result of this mind set, not many take her seriously, an aspect Darya Klishina believes is in her advantage.

Another element in her success as a long jumper has been the relationship she shares with her coach Olga Shemigon. According to Darya Klishina, both she and her coach communicate effectively with each other, at all times. As they get on well with each other, have a clear idea of what the other expects. Darya Klishina stated that she sees the evidence of her coach’s training in her growth in the field.

She believes that Olga Shemigon has an excellent understanding of her capabilities and that she doesn’t know another who could do that so well. Darya Klishina stated that as a coach, Olga Shemigon is always trying to provide the young athlete with something new and stimulating. Interestingly, when Darya Klishina is on the track, her coach makes statements that instigate the athlete. This allows her to focus her anger on her coach and motivates her into action.

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