Away from the track, Darya Klishina is fast becoming as famous for her beauty and glamour as she is for her athletic ability. With a string of lucrative endorsements and now under the guidance of management company IMG World, photo-shoots and modelling assignments have been a part of Darya’s daily routine for the past couple of years.

Darya recently featured on the cover of Russian Vogue and she is making quite a splash in the modelling world. Darya enjoys her modelling career and regards it as a welcome distraction from Athletics:

“I really love the process because for so much of my time I’m sweating and wearing sports wear, so it’s really nice to have my make-up done and to dress up. It makes a change from when I am at the track being an athlete. It is also a nice distraction from Athletics, it makes me think about something else sometimes, which for me is a good thing. I make the most of my modelling assignments…they give me the opportunity to be super-glamorous! “

Darya’s coach, Olga Shemigon, closely monitors and controls Darya’s modelling assignments to ensure that she is properly focussed on her athletics career. The photo shoots and modelling assignments have now taken a back seat and for the last several weeks Darya has been in training in Sochi in Southern Russia. Coach Shemigon says of her training regime:

“At the moment, Darya is still young so her training regime is still quite light in comparison to older athletes. As the volume of her training increases, I think people will be in for a big shock, because her potential is huge. I think that if she works hard and trains well and stays injury-free, then it will be tough for people to compete with her.  But we don’t want to make wild predictions about what she may achieve in the future. We don’t want to jink her!”

The Women’s Long Jump gets underway on Tuesday August 7th and with just two weeks to her Olympic debut, Darya is in great spirits. Her form has improved throughout 2012 and Darya arrives in London in great shape to challenge for a medal. And who knows, perhaps when Darya steps up for her next modelling assignment, the caption may read as: “Darya Klishina, Olympic Champion!”

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